The Best Since 1999

Our comprehensive service portfolio provides our clients with a single source solution for glass and glazing.
Clear View is known for delivering outstanding results through superior performance that exceeds expectations. We are proactive business partners, we identify problems and develop creative solutions.
We have an incomparable record of providing professional, innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients. This is a primary reason why for over 10 years Clear View has continued to develop and thrive in the glass industry.
Our attention to detail, and understanding of client requirements allow us to consistently deliver quality products. While our integrated service portfolio offers our clients a seamless resource.
Our success as a team is based on our longstanding relationships and our core values. Clear View believes wholeheartedly in successful partnerships. We recognize everything we do has an effect on our partnerships, which is why we understand the importance of fair and ethical business practices.


Our mission is to build new business opportunities and continue to develop our long-standing relationships. We strive for excellence every day and continue to set new standards in professionalism and quality. Our goal is to become a regionally recognized brand, capitalizing on our unwavering commitment to our core values, our partnerships and our future.


We view our clients, our employees, our community, and our vendors as our partners in Clear View. We are committed to raising the bar and will not settle for just acceptable performance, we are willing to lead, manage and innovate in pursuit of excellence.

Core Values

Some companies advertise their core values, we simply lead and manage by them.
Core values are essential to a company’s mission, vision and our business philosophy. Our values are the standard by which we conduct and measure our company and our individual performance. Our core values are always at work.

• Safety First
• Accountability
• Respect
• Honesty
• Collaboration
• Reliability