Mike is a general Knowledgeable contractor building high-end houses and working along with the trending designs and features constantly arising.

Joel is a longtime glass installer for CLEAR VIEW GLASS and has helped and worked with a lot of interior designers to establish the most eye-catching glass enclosures possible in some areas

But recently Mike & Joel are facing a challenge with the latest trend of not installing a saddle at the shower area. This is what Joel is trying to convince Mike to prevent problems in the long run

Throughout the last 20 years we were multiple times on site to remove the entire enclosure just to fix the following issues.

Water Leakage

  • The Glass enclosure is only meant to protect the water from escaping the area of the shower while the water is running down the glass but once it hits the floor it will pool up in the bottom and will find its way to escape throw the cracks between the glass panels therefore by adding a saddle you are protecting the water from escaping

Radiant Heat

  • Most of the time you will have radiant heat at that location and the glass will need to be secured via screws going down into the tile with holes in the tile and it will be almost impossible for the installer not to pinch the piping which will require to repair the tiling around and all other delays involved
  • We also don’t want to pinch your waterproofing under the glass

Door Swing

  • When opening the door without a saddle the rubber seal will be scratching on the floor continually vs raising it on the saddle you will eliminate this issue since you open it on a higher point

So now Mike admits that it will pay to add a saddle for any price and sacrifices the design he will now save TIME and MONEY